JUNE 13TH FROM 1:00 – 3:00 PM

“Palette Knife Techniques”

David Simons, a well-known Tubac oil painter, will be demonstrating at our June 13th General Meeting. He has been our guest many times, so we are excited to have him, once again, sharing with us his artistic wisdom and easily understandable approach to painting.

Unlike painting with a brush, the palette knife creates suggestive strokes with a much looser and more abstract feel. His approach is to stay loose and suggestive rather than copying. He feels the painting should transcend the actual subject. Watch as David seems to miraculously form a mountain, while explaining his thinking process from start to finish!

David Simons is a self-taught artist of over 30 years from Tubac, Arizona. His unique and captivating oil paintings have made him one of the most notable artists in the Southwest, with collectors worldwide. Displaying a range of diverse subjects in his work, David brings his signature style to life with scenes from the southwest, seascapes, portraits, still life, and more. David also hosts workshops on oil painting and is a renowned artist not only by Arizona locals, but national publications such as Southwest Art, Art Talk Magazine, and Arizona Highways.

“Oil painting for me is a meditative experience — essential to my well- being, and a necessary part of my life. Painting brings me great joy, and, I hope, uplifts the hearts of those who view my work. I like to explore the subtle ways that light affects the subject. I also enjoy color, but the value relationships in a scene are what interest me most. I also like to emphasize the abstract nature of what surrounds us.”