Coordinators: Susan Webber and Janet Johnson

Collage comes from the French verb coller which means “to glue.” A collage is a piece of artwork created by gluing paper, photographs, cloth, and other ephemera to a surface. Collage is also defined as the process of adhering these items to a substrate. Mixed Media is a term utilized to designate artworks created using a variety of media or materials. It is one of the most freewheeling innovative expressions in 2-dimensional art.

Acrylic paints were first developed in the late 19th century when acrylic resin was developed. Due to their versatility and fast-drying nature, acrylics originally became an extremely popular painting medium for many artists seeking a fast-drying alternative to oil paints. Today acrylic paints are used in a variety of applications and styles, from photo realistic to abstract pours. Their water-based formulation allows the use of many additives and mediums to produce unique art effects.

The Collage/Mixed Media and Acrylic group is designed to encourage interested artists to explore this medium to create traditional artwork, or work that utilizes a variety of media and/or collage. Acrylic paints combine perfectly with collage and a combination of other media such as inks, pastels, graphite, Stabilo markers, watercolor pencils, etc. to create exciting artwork. A variety of different papers (deli, rice, tissue, old book pages, sheet music, etc.) used for collage are enhanced with stencils, stamps, Gelli printing and a variety of mark making tools.

With this group the techniques and ideas are unlimited. There is often a monthly challenge with unique results. Frequently, members share their sketch books and textured painting techniques.

We welcome members of all skill levels for their inspiration and creativity. This combined group is a wonderful place for beginners to embark on their creative journey. We encourage everyone to have fun and enjoy our time together. This group meets from 1:00 to 3:00 PM the first and third Wednesday of each month from October through April and only on the first Wednesday of each month from May through September.

Click image for full view of the artwork.

Pictures from left to right: Shivering Stillness by Laurel Spoonseller; Infinite Possibilities by Paula Richards; Spring Pops by Susan Werner; Purple Eve by Susan Werner