Coordinator: Lisa Schmidt

Figure Drawing has been a staple for artists since Greek and Roman times. It is essential for learning the anatomy of the human figure and for drawing or painting people in any setting.

Our sessions meet the first Saturday of each month from November through May from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM in the studio at the Santa Rita Springs Recreation Center. A model is hired to pose for us and each artist is asked to pay $5.00 to defer the cost of hiring the model. Models are generally clothed in requested tight fitting clothing like workout clothing or leotards in order to showcase the body.

We begin our session with short 3-minute poses to allow artists to loosen up. We then move on to longer poses with the last pose lasting 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the remaining time, to allow for a more finished drawing or painting. You may use any medium, however no turpentine is allowed in the main studio area, where these sessions are held. We can display our work at the end of the session in the quiet room of the studio if one desires to do so.

Click image for full view of the artwork.

Pictures from left to right: Untitled #1 by Sharon Wirth; Untitled #2 by Sharon Wirth; Mari by Lisa Schmidt; Brad by Lisa Schmidt